Pet Sessions

Chronic sickness, disease, inflammation, pain, and behavioural issues in your pets are often caused by their own trauma or absorbed trauma from their environment or owner. Muscle testing offers a unique way to communicate with your animal’s subconscious mind and will help them to process some of their traumas and release it.

Man’s best friend has emotions just like us. Our furry friends can also experience negative emotions that can become stuck in their bodies as a negative vibrational frequency. These energetic imbalances can cause aches and pains in their bodies.

Like with humans we are able to find energetic imbalances in their bodies and organs. We can through muscle testing find the underlying causes like pathogens or parasites that are keeping their bodies imbalanced and misaligned.

Our pet scans are designed to find the energetic imbalances or misalignments and identify the trauma frequencies linked to it. We aim to discover the underlying reasons keeping root issues and imbalances in place and release the trauma frequencies out of their bodies.