Life Coaching and Counselling

In addition to Quantum muscle testing, Best Life Therapies also offer counselling and life coaching services, to aid and assist you in your healing journey.

Best Life Therapies follow a holistic approach focusing on healing and wholeness on a physical, emotional and a spiritual level. All sessions are undergirded and aligned with the Word of God and are conducted in accordance with Biblical principles.

Listed below are some examples of services we offer:

Alignment of Spirit, Soul and Body

Healing on a Cellular Level

Healing From Different Types of Trauma

Release of Trapped Emotions in Your Body

Healing From any Energetic Imbalances in All Body Systems

Restoration of Energy Levels

Healing From Underlying Imbalances That Affect Your Epigenetics

Healing From Toxic Thought Patterns, Identifying Mind Strongholds

Identifying Strongholds in Your Life

Identifying Toxins in Your Body

Healing From Underlying Symptoms Causing Inflammation in the Body