Barrier Sessions

Barriers are built by the subconscious mind, using Trauma in the body as little building blocks to “protect” you from hurt, rejection and fear. Unfortunately this well-intended Barrier ends up wreaking havoc on our relationships with others and with God.

The Barrier can lead to the following symptoms:

  • Feeling isolated and alone
  • Struggling with Anxiety or Depression
  • Difficulties with your prayer life, feeling like you cannot hear God’s voice.
  • Not being able to meet a life partner
  • Feeling shut down
  • Holding onto grudges and resentment
  • Trouble giving and receiving love

The Barrier is not released in one session, it is like an onion, and has to be peeled away layer by layer. It can take between 5-9 session to release a whole Barrier. You might also have more than one Barrier.