Body Session

Often times emotions that were not processed correctly (trauma Frequencies) become stuck in the body and this energetic imbalance sits in a specific area of the body or organs. These energetic imbalances caused by these trauma frequencies are one of the most common reasons for negative symptoms, aches and pains that we experience in our bodies.

In our body sessions we focus on identifying and finding the energetic imbalances in all the 11 body systems of the body. An energetic imbalance can  for instance occur in the integumentary system, muscular system, respiratory system, skeletal, immune, digestive, respiratory or nervous system or any other part of the body systems.

Our aim is to find the trauma frequencies that are causing the imbalance or misalignment and after finding and praying to release the trauma frequencies, we always focus on finding the underlying reasons that kept the trauma in place. The trauma can be a body trauma or a soul trauma, a medical trauma or any number of pathogens, parasites, mould or fungus. The underlying trauma can be a negative thought pattern. It can be for instance a mind stronghold, or it can be a curse. Our aim is to find all the underlying reasons and trauma until we can pray that the body part that was misaligned  or imbalanced can be realigned and balanced out.